Monday, June 29, 2009

I know a secret...

"'..the idea of a pure openness, a pure democracy, is a naïve one.'"
Nuff said, I guess.

Apparently wiki is playing ball with the establishment. I wondered how long it would take to hide the truth.
One thing about it, they didn't follow the daniel pearl route; guess that tells ya they learned from their mistakes--until next time al-qaeda et al, nabs another reporter. The enemy can learn too and I think we just insulted them.

'Kelly McBride, who teaches ethics to journalists at the Poynter Institute, says she was "really astounded" by the media blackout. "I find it a little disturbing, because it makes me wonder what else 40 international news organizations have agreed not to tell the public,"

That's what I was thinking too... oh and yeah, thanks for keeping me safe(smirk).


Damn, ann has a line here but her previous post is kinda spooky in that the date was around the time he was kidnapped.


A- had the scoop back here.

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