Friday, July 31, 2009

Roseanne,Roseanne , Roseanne

Just like Benny, got to keep an eye on `em all time.

Roseanne has always pushed it. Whats so scary is the idiot public don't get it. What, you think she had mellowed?! She's the real deal, whtvr that means.


You go girl.

And what does that mean?

Are we encouraging her to be more outrageous now?
I don't think Roseanne needs encouragement, or cares what anyone thinks about her.
No, really.

check it out in Heeb . lol
in a sick kinna way


Shardabear said...

I like roseanne--sometimes.

bens said...

Ever since she grabbed her crotch singing the nat'l anthem, I kinda don't.