Monday, July 6, 2009

You keep her

We don't want her either

Too funny

Poor Cyn...


nanc said...

bens - what did israel EVAR do to deserve her?!?

bens said...

Don't know, poor Israel...Guess when she was arrested she wouldn't sign a bunch of papers to deport, lol. Maybe she'll become a political prisoner. Spoiled brat!

Just missed ya...

Dad Bones said...

Be careful on that hot wet grass. PT won't like it if you ding up his mower blade on your foot.

Guess this is a McKinney post. She'd look good with a lawn mower flattop by Ben.

ben said...

db-I came out of it unscathed sir.

But yeah, the mcKinney saga started a while back, she got turned around b4 by the Israeli's; didn't learn her lesson.

Like Bens said above, spoiled brat.