Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ben, Rush

"I am-flat-out stunned by the Obama town hall meeting in New Hampshire. This is a campaign appearance that has no relationship to any reality on the ground now vis-a-vis our health care debate. What you're watching here is a salesman sell a product that doesn't exist." -Rush

Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) compares town hall attendees to the KKK. An MSNBC anchor says "socialist" is the new N-word. The problem for Democrats? The polls show a majority of Americans reject government-run health care. Race has nothing to do with it. (Rush

There was an editorial in my hometown paper that said all this bully stuff at town hall meetings aren't getting u.s.(nanc) anywhere. Well I disagree, I think we're sending the gov't a message. We already have hairless reid doing town hall from a phone and Pelousy won't get near one. We need to put the fear of God in these politicians who are getting to be no more than crooks. They have no fear, either out of ignorance or arrogance. Make them accountable!

You noticed how long it took for them Dems to drop the new jets they were ordering; one day.

Too bad the cops escort the dissenters outside. You know who's side they're on...


nanc said...

we'll probably see more of this as time goes on. ::spit::

bens said...

No Doubt nanc, Rush was going off about it today..Swastika's and black men getting beat up.Plant.

Lies= Liberals

juniorfruit said...

set up, a plant

juniorfruit said...