Friday, September 11, 2009

Ya ever think... whose side the media is *on?*

Gop bitches about them and the Demolays bitch about them. Awhile back baraaaCk Osama WhoSane bin laden had the press eating out of his handJob.

Then it started to shift when bloggers started blogging about it.
The media seemed to favor BØ.

Now I hear today, pres sec. whats-his-name, said the media (cnn) *got it wrong.*

Is the press trying to be impartial NOW? R they going after...theLosers?

Or was it too big(story) 2 sit on? Think: an exclusive. Think: c BS.

Or is it a conspiracy to make u.s. think that they're 'trying to be impartial NOW?'

Who cares?

Keep blogging,
get it?
We changed their(pres) minds.

Don't believe that for a second.

It's complicated by design.


Dad Bones said...

Sami Dare gonna be at the FAIR for the next couple days. I'd talk to her but I'm afraid she'd make me look at that watch....

I know, got nothin to do with the post and it's more of a Hick Honk comment but since you're Ben Dare....

ben said...

Hey she kinda cute....

Perhaps you'd bee more interested in this, sir.

Dad Bones said...

A Kanaka! What's he doing in Houston? Shouldn't he be hanging over the edge of a volcano where the action is?