Friday, October 30, 2009

Give `em hell Hillary

Via yahoo!

two nights ago,nbc had the confront. Katie had nada;`sup w/ dat kat? NBC had it & you dint?

I was shocked that Har, er, Hillary stood up to those *#@!*&%.

" There's a war going on you know"
Never thought I'd say bravo in the same sentence w/ her name. Am I praising her for doing the Right thing?

No, because liberals can never be trusted. Can Republicans?

"...I find it hard to believe that nobody in your government knows where they are "

What the hell got into her?
Oh, private conversation-like made public, eh?
via AP.


...and whats up about saving/creating X # of jobs? That is BS!
(according to the news last night)

"The White House promised the data would be far more reliable than the first batch of numbers, on federal contracts, which the administration initially embraced, then branded a "test run" after thousands of errors were discovered."

That's cuz you got caught!( We would never have this info if you weren't held accountable)

... am I being rash?
Don't care!


nanc said...

SHE'S A POSER! We cannot even find our top ten most wanted criminals in the U.S. - who's she trying to kid?

car said...


ben/bens said...

Nanc- Did you see it? She looked like she lost her temper and impulsively lashed out.

Yup car, it was pretty crazy...and confusing.