Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wee remain unmoved...

You know what? Americans, not lawmakers, are the only faction that has remained unmoved.

Wee have opposed amnesty since jump, nevermind the evangelical/clergy who flip flop every time you turn around.

Wee(because our opine doesn't seem to matter) have also ben staunch supporters to the idea that Osama is not a citizen of this country, that he is trying to socialize America AND that he's a liar despite all the transparency he promised.

That ought to tell ya something folks. That 'something' tells me we don't need another politician as President. We need an American w/ American values and American common sense.

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Have you heard about Sheriff Joe? His immigration policy(law) is being fazed out by the government. Nappy headed Napolitano, the culprit.

McCain is a shame!

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