Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Even the left can smell it

Timmy II

"When the press conference was over Geithner wasn't in handcuffs, which strongly suggests that the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force is a sham.


The Army Corp of Enginneers catch's a lawsuit...`Nawlins
[same source]

via unknownnews dot org.


Anonymous said...

unprecedented. Bunch of chicken shiite's that got this guy elected. And you're wondering if Palin could get elected? Look what we have in there now!

ben said...

Agree w/ everything but your hair do.

Genome said...

Osama ain't gonna do the right thing and fire geitner/retire/withdraw,resign.... it would make him look worse than he does now.

It'd be another, Mission Accomplished or read my lips, or I did not have sexual relations with....

ben said...

G - Ha!