Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jerry Brown, vote `em out

Jerry "I wanted to play guitar" Brown,[D.Ca] rhymes w/ Daly; comes from a long line of liberals. I heard him on MichaelSavage a couple of times though,...go fig.

The reason he is making an appearance now has got something to do w/ ACORN. Our friends./

If you'll recall, JB was invisible when the the investi-Gate confirmed ACORN was a shady deal. Then we heard a peep...

1st peep(sober) was, he wanted to prosecute.
Then, the second peep revealed the slow, downward skid w/ marks, back towards the left(home).

Now this
... coming back around to the uber left.

I know I harped on this other places, but this site is for the record. This is how stall tactics work.
re:How Stuff Works, "How do stall tactics work." /

Or can we just assume, indecision? You know, like Osama?

They/This ought to be recognized and dealt with.
Brown needs to stay out of the gov't weed.

see: linda ronstadt(google)
`member dat?
Now do ya?

I ought to make a list of clowns in the government.
Nah, there ain't enough room on the internet...


Dad Bones said...

I remember. Ronstadt was still cute and Brown still had hair and was sleeping on a mattress on the floor. She got disgustingly unattractive and he became a career politician.

ben said...

I'm going on memory here but I recall Brown being into some hocus pocus religion at the time. Scientology-smellin'- like '.'
San Fran

Linda was cute once...too fat today. I mean obese. And too sympathetic towards illegals, si?

I got a nose for, incompetent.

Dad Bones said...

My memory needed a jump start from Wikipedia. He was a Jesuit, planned to be a priest at one time.

(Back to my memory) By the time he was gov he was considered kinda new age-y so he was sometimes deprecatingly referred to as the zen buddhist governor.

Good post. I didn't know about his political waffling on Acorn.

Allison Chains said...

There are people in government that shouldn't be.

Jesuit, eh?