Thursday, December 24, 2009

Temper, temper

I've said this a hundred times. No brag, just fact.

"... the way the Senate does business, saying the use of delaying tactics there harms the nation's ability to "deal with big problems in a very competitive world."

He's finding out that there are things(DC) he can't control even though, HE WON !

Temper Temper comes to mind because of an email I recieved from a secret location.
The 9th comment gives a better translation.

A trend developing?


Dad Bones said...

When BO was growing up he should have had a dad around to put the fear in him, and show him just how far he'd get with a pissy little tantrum.

ben said...

Or a mama to slap him senseless.

One of theMickey's said...

Maybe he's got post pardOn somethin.'

Anonymous said...

A role model would have been better Donnie, he had a lot of dads.