Friday, January 15, 2010

Entertainment-The pack

Rat pack.
Ben Nelson jumping ship. Rat, get it? A local(susansmith) has est. a "Rat Pack" aimed @ BN. It will remind him he's still a rat.
They're gonna shadow him. They'll show up all weekend at the Crossroads to protest the rat we have in Ben Nelson. Plus, they'll make appearances everywhere he speaks. Told ya never trust a guy with a lowPart.

Their rat Faces & rat Costumes that they're NOT jumping ship.
::: So, there's different personalities, values, principles, in rats?! :::

See, we're doing, "Something!"

(email could be wrong, but it's MOSTLY right; that count?) AM 1/15/2010
Scott Voorhees page. kfab.

ps: Ck out the pizza fight w/ Ben Nelson too(rumor?)


WomanHonorThyself said...

good one ! have a great weekend my friend!:)

ben said...

Well it happened in myTown and I read the politico piece. But today in my paper, Someone who was THERE, said there weren't a lot of people booing; it was just one woman who said, "bad bill." I guess a bunch of people came up to Ben & introduced themselves...sorry, no drama.

Have a great weekend your damn self (: