Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In the paper


Doctor loses IT
Read a little article about a guy in a car who slammed on his brakes in front of bicycle's, breaking faces, teeth & shoulders. Judge gave him 5 years in the pen.

Judge wanted to send a message to auto drivers.

The perp was some sort of medical professional(doctor).

Michael Savage complains about bicyclists all the time on his radio show, so because this happened in Californication, doesn't surprise me.

'Driver who assaulted cyclists get prison term'


Anonymous said...

Got to be more to this than this article.

ptg said...

Idiot. You follow these cyclistic assholes home, get revenge anonymously later.

ben said...

Say !

I usually try to scare `em.

ben said...

ano- You smell it too, huh?