Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just down right mean

The BoilerMaker
Mexicon caught by Mexico

This cat boiled his victims in lye. But did he give `em paper cuts first? That's what I want to know. What, they think they've got a monopoly on torture?
Teodoro meet PT. PT, Teodoro.
They say Cheney is going to interrogate him...make a coupla bucks on the side.

Hey, one guy cut off the face of a rival and sewed it on a soccer ball....COLD!


Dad Bones said...

Big money calls for creative torture it seems.

Paper cuts? Damn, I sure don't like those. Why'd you have to mention that?

juniorfruit said...

Big Money.

Wonder if they're cousins...

ptg said...

Where are my vise-grips?

ben said...

pt-Hey, I got your 'classified' envelope today.

Beat, eh?