Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pimp my life...(clk

Well, I can't blame this geeker. He wasn't even born when Watergate happened! Pimps can't read anyway.

Yeah, he be da pimp that popped ACORN. What ya reckon he got paid for that; that he'd have to go out and try something stupid? Apparently if satisfied, you wouldn't think...He probably didn't make a dime, sadly.

I don't suppose a guy like this, has a great deal of support. Maybe he's not a, PeoplePerson. I see he has a partner in crime though. And remember the faux Ho?

*Looking @ his pic.
I thought he'd look stupid...well, he kinda does. He looks amazingly like me, only uglier of course.
Is he fasting? Sick?

Scroll down(article) to see the world's ugliest pimp.

Stupid white guy.

That's one thing we can be certain of today.

Stupid. White. Guy.

unless this is a sting/setup


nanc said...

He got a little too daring, IMHB.

ben said...

Yup, stretching his 15 minutes of fame into 30 minutes of shame.