Tuesday, February 23, 2010

benny blesses brood

clk title for story

hit squad <--- more of these


hit <--- less of these

= Simple.


ptg said...

This is so much like the good old days of counter-terrorism it borders on deja-vu. Mossad cats were notorious for leaving a big spoor, but getting the job done. So they broke a few eggs (e.g. Lillehammer) and were were always suspects if a terr slipped in the tub. The way I see it, these 'mistakes' and 'clues' served to strike fear in the enemy.

ben said...

No doubt about it....strike fear, keep `em looking over their shoulders.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met the Mossad team that assassinated senior Hamas terrorist Mahmoud Mabhouh before their mission and wished them luck, according to the British Sunday Times....boooyahhhh!!!!

ben said...

Right you are woman, Zipi gave them her blessings too.

I wonder if hit squads are illegal in our country.(smirk)