Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fake passports,eh

How novel /
clk title

Passport mill.
Gee, Y din't WE ever think of that! /

Look, spies are everywhere. We probably have them in the CIA & post office. But the point, in mho, is that the country that has the best value's, the civilization that has the highest ideals, etc, is going to be the last country standing; because in the end, goodness will prevail;  that's  where the  fun is.*

That's what ideal, ideology is all about(imo). Doing the Right thing regardless of The Temptations. Maybe that's why we're the best... so far.

Look, we don't have sex that is acceptable with animal or fowl like you know who, but we have Wads out there that want to have sex with kids as a norm, children even. We have pervs that want to walk around with their stuff  OUT hoping to cop theNorm,  and the Left gives Christianity a bad name?! But if we slip & let these-un heathens...

The left is what's worth fighting against. Relaxed, undisciplined, unstructured, indifferent nature.
Like al-Gore turned out;  sloppy.

~In the Long Run ~ 
That's what it takes.

Get it?
Jean does.

*manfredmann - Blinded By The Light

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