Sunday, March 28, 2010

O' Israel

To the Israelis, it's much less important than it was, say, 10 years ago; to the Americans it's much more important.
Peace: It's just not important anymore. With sensors and the wall, Israel isn't worried by suicide bomber's, they've got the (Palestinians) enemy under control, no attacks since 2006. Is Israel getting too cocky? I mean after the last couple of weeks with behave badly  being the news, Israel acts like they don't want U.S. no's in their business.


nanc said...

We need to get out of their business so they can take care of business - we suffer every time we encourage them to succumb to the palis - Genesis 12:3, Psalm 122:6. God Bless Israel! The U.S. certainly isn't!

bens said...

I think Israel is sending the US mixed messages and I think the US is sending Israel mixed messages. I heard on a lefty site yesterday that Osama didn't shun Benny like it was RETORTED.