Sunday, March 14, 2010

The one thing I like about the One voteD in, is reading stories like this

Lefty lament(cont.)    <----lefty source

Dig the last paragraph

Lots of the alleged experts and serious people are saying that the Obama administration is against trials too, and will do an about-face, canceling the trial for alleged terror whiz Khalid Sheik Mohammed. He'll get a military tribunal instead.

Of course, this would be an enormous mistake — another collapse of principle in the face of Republican rhetoric, further evidence that Obama is more a weather-vane than a leader, and most importantly a double-cross of President Obama's oath to protect and preserve the constitution of the United States of America.

What it wouldn't be is a surprise, and I would dearly love to be surprised here. I would love to see the Obama administration surprise me, surprise millions of us who voted for him by doing the right thing, for once.

Hey, tried to tell ya...


Dad Bones said...

"Obama Bin Lyin"

Now that's funny.

But I don't mean it like ha ha -you're- funny, Ben.

ben said...

Glad you liked it!