Sunday, March 28, 2010

...that's why they call it your hard drive

How to Train Your Dragon

Dont ask, dont tell is just another step down the ladder. doom-city. Listen, I've got better things to do when I'm fighting for my country than share a foXXXhole w/ Brad; I'm trying to kill the enemy and save   my own life; I don't knead the distraction--no what I'm sayin? I dont need BRAD grabbing my barrel! Or even want to be PUT in that situation.

Dont ask, dont tell. Now ya got mullen and whats his name, GAYTES, COMING OUT.

It's All Crap.

btw, this  blog is a platform to say whatever I believe in,  like whtev.


juniorfruit said...

They'll have to institute the draft; bi & large nobody straight will want to serve.

ben said...

Oh, the perks are out there for service men& women as they should be, but I'd have reservations if I had to serve with a waD, Jr.