Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sea, I can dew wreserch!

In the news - {pre-spill]

The daily beast(ericalterman) says Osama has sold the liberals out. See, they still think Osama is "one of them." How can that be w/ escalation in afghani and nuke pwr.???

Salon(joeconason) thinks osama is back pedaling; surrender then negotiate. He gave in (concession) to off shore domestic drilling b4 being called out by republicans. Didn't HE promise to weenie u.s off fossil fuels, limits on carbon emissions and alt energy???

Ah but the atlantic(markambinder thinks it's  a strategy depriving rep of a "major talking point." He thinks "it's about perception, cover and framing the debate." NY(johnheilmann)also thinks  Osama is clever presenting himself a s a moderate, open-minded centrist.

The wsj opines that we(u.s.) should be grateful for small favors from theOne. eg drilling.

The wash times(thomaspyle) says Osama is trick; playing the "head fake" when the real agenda is getting a capNtrade plan passed, sticking it to companies andthe consumer.

WaPo(ericsmith) says it's a trade off because oil shipped to u.s. has a greater propensity to leak. And after all, oil wells have a great record w/ no spills since `69. Note: This was b4 the other day...

Finally, the Pittsburgh Post- Gazette says Osama is channeling Dubya while simultaneously kicking oil and fossil fuels. Osama seeking the middle way and pleasing everyone and winding up pleasing no one.

See, that's what happens when you stray from your principles.
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