Sunday, September 5, 2010

Senior moment might spell doom for Brewer so I think we should start talking about Osama's ears again

You saw her, I saw her. President Brewer may have a tough go next election.

Was it laps(sic,maybe) of memory(we puter putters certainly know what "out of memory" means) or was it her genetic disposition(see below) rearing it's nutty head? Maybe it's catching....or maybe it was a senior moment.

Some folk are saying that if she can't keep her own house in order maybe she's not ready to keep any House in order.Well, that's just plain silly.

But I'll tell you something. People are not going to forget this! Sad but true.

Long time ago there was someone runiing for the highest office or V.P. and when they(press) found out he had been treated for depression he was out the door as a liability. ` The name escapes me but I'd bet you `member dat.

ps - Did you know she has a son that's criminally insane?
Boy, what an  ambush this is. Click the title


fernfaus said...

I didn't watch the whole Brewer thingy but she did not look good.

Anonymous said...

I watched it. I was kinda embarrassed.

ben said...

Competancy anyone?

Spade said...

2 many "laps."

Anonymous said...