Friday, January 28, 2011

Chinese cry babies

Last week Rush made fun of Hu or Shu, or Blu,whtev, when he met with Osama @ the`ight House; now a lawsuit is bean filed.

This cat has ben hanging around with that midget Denise"I've got a tooth ache" Kucinich(sp) 2 long. These people are the enemy, people; that's why we've got `em overseas. Now we're playing kissy face all over China. again . Let me tell you something. The chinkx are as bad  as the muzzies.

Where's Geert when we need him?

info from:  myWay --click the title


B said...

hat's why we've got `em overseas.


Anonymous said...

My faith in human nature aint what it used to be.

ben said...

B - You noticed. lol