Monday, August 29, 2011

Blogger Althouse Attacked: 18 seconds of raw class warfare.

 Language Alert

Althouse: 18 seconds of raw class warfare.: Scary! "It's coming! Get ready! All you fucking tea-party-baggers. It's coming. Get ready." Meade visits the Wisconsin Capitol singalo...

I dont have to tell you what I would have done if it was my mum getting attacked, do I?

I didn't think so


Ann said...

Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't laugh ann. I saw you goading the peeps(?perp) early on. Good thing you had two strong he men with you though.

PS:RU with child?

ben said...

Two strong men?

juniorfruit said...

Oh, you must mean her son and husband. How do you know they were strong? Wouldn't even intervene...own mom and wife. Two strong men defendinf her. Oh, I get it now. Ha!


ann said...

a man doesn't resort to violence.