Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Seriously though, I dont believe she's a herm fan. He's got her number...

Haven't ben over to the outhouse lately so this is a story I read there toDay, ann I'm commenting on.
Good line, but alt had it first...hmm, Maybe Michelle B. reads her?

This is how you do it(blog).

Great lines in this post.

How can it be good policy when there's so much evidence that it was concocted to look snazzy?

This is the first time in her post  she gets inside  your head. Is she talking about marketing, capitalism, free enterprise,  her TT, Or...?
Dont all judges look at the evidence?

I don't believe in the devil or have any superstitions about numbers, but I am afraid — legitimately afraid — of people who use or respond to the mysticism of numbers.
2nd head trip.
She's referring to h.cain and his 999 numerology and the fact that Michelle B., apparently uttered it at last nights be-bates. e.g. 666

And lastly she remarks,
"It seeks to excite us about change."
Ann likes excitement.


Or did you ever think of that...slant?
Or did you think, "Ah how witty alt is"?
Or is she mad Michelle B. stole her stuff? Just, maybe?
Or is it the fact that she's not Dumb & not Blonde w/ a lot of stuff goin on?

or is it just me?

I like althouse, but I like 3 quarks too, so...
Must be nice to be a KID again


Anonymous said...

What, they didnt even letr him get his hair done?! Or is that the style now?

Oh cain, right.Listen,*(who am i?) Cain is no different than any other shyster. You know how they let black kids go to college quota-like? Well, they do the asame in buisness.

Why do you think it's called the business ?


Anonymous said...

I gotta git another beer and go to the can...brb

theMickey's said...

cosmic ann.