Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why dont you say it to his face, toughGuy

Benny cant wait to get his hands around his scrawny little neck.


"I cannot bear Netanyahu, 
he's a liar," Sarkozy ...

What a punk. Frack you, Pierre. He, the creep who put a woman (Leslie stahl), in her place, dammit! `Member dat?
Sniveling like a little baby, to Saint BØbama.

Media trying to make amends? Media trying to show everyone they're fair, not biased?
'See, we report on SarkoZy, BØ,....' et al.

Wiretap. Hey that's how we got the Mob....wiretap.
Aint  illegal anymore....?

aside -  When I worked for the local newspaper we had really only 3 sources for news around the world, this one, upi and ap. That's all.

Remember that when you need unbiased sources....generally.


Anonymous said...

I member dat on 60 minutes.

Pierre said...

she had it come'n