Thursday, May 3, 2012

Obama drama

Head twink jan wenner(pronounced yawn) of Rolling Stone interviewed Obama on Easter(something about that makes me twinge) and brought him a present, cute socks. He interviewed him a year ago, gee musta missed that yawn one.

I'm just gonna jump around on a little of it here, you can  read the rest in the mag. I dont know if you have to be a "member" to read it online. I read it @ the library...that's how i roll.
Here's some of it:

First of all he wont talk about Romney, but does talk about all the constraints(rules) he has to follow.

Everybody,  awww....

In this interview( hour +), he sums up arguments(kudos & atta boy's) he'll make on the campaign trail. i.e. extending the health insurance-- 32 million, staving off economic collapse(huh?), rescuing the auto industry, reforming student loans(huh?), ending gay discrimination(myTown, suttle), pulling troops out of Iraq(and letting the remainder get killed), killing obama osama and passing the largest tax cuts for middle-Americans in history.

He goes on about the gop being in the midst of dissolve-like if they cant get together, they've lost their way and the need to re-focus.

He talks about racism and how far we've come. "Look at me," kids nowadays take for granted that we have a black(huh?) president. Indoctrination? Communism.

Racial attitudes have changed. The change has been slow & steady but thanks to him we're making progress. He cites his daughters and alludes to the fact? that they are color blind.
Wait, I may have read something into that one.

Anyway read the jan yawn wenner interview or not; after all, 'it's just like every other job."


Anonymous said...

Y are we still in the mideast Osama?

Wait, that explains it.

louise gay said...

because mccain said so.

feeteee said...

We're over there because we want to keep it over there, period.

ben said...

what feet said