Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Well, he's in. F. Chuck Hagel

Of course were proud of him and his brother for serving during vietnam. Was it wrong to occupy vietnam? How the hell would I know?  I skated after getting drafted...flunked the physical. Or was it the mental? I forget. I kinda think the draft was wrong because we weren't getting attacked. However I was drafted and coming from a patriotic family I was ready to do my duty.

Anyway, Hagel served admiralably just like everyone did that were, "over there."

Hagel has a problem w/ Israel? I dont believe that but people have a problem with him wanting to keep dialouge open with our ?foes. read Iran. I do have a prob w/ dat.
Business/capitalists do the same thing though. They dialogue. Keeping the enemy closer and all that shiite. You know that!
Do too !
The only problem, well one of them anyway, I have with F. Chuck Hagel is the company he keeps.
He's a traitor in that respect. Lying down with dogs(liberals)..blah blah.

On our bucks we have a motto that says, "In God we trust." That's the only folk ya gotta have a dialogue with because if you do, the principles America were built on will stand.

No gay marriage. No!
No abortion. No !( unless there are special circumstances. )
Gun laws? Are you kidding me? America was founded on guns.
Makes for a polite society.
less dead, innocentinnocentinnocentinnocentinnocent people.

:::I bet God would slap me for that last remark....maybe.:::::

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Anonymous said...

I think every thing Obama said about Hagel was accurate.

That was as conservative as you can get.