Monday, July 15, 2013

Zimmy not guilty, does that mean, innocent?

If kids fight in school do they get expelled? The teacher' bosses(admin) bring the students back in($$$) and prefer for the teachers to  "just ride it out"  and hope they dont get assaulted.

 What do you do with them then? Monitor at home? hahahahahahaha, mom has to work, no dad..etc etc etc....

What do you do, arm the teacher's? What ever happened to zero tolerance. A six year old draws a picture of a gun and they're out for the semester/year?!!!!

I say send all the little bastidz to crime school, rumor has it the moon will have a national park soon; ... or jail their folks. Better to jail the folks, let them send a message to Junior..let them see how  it works/is, as a teacher.

re: Obama's kid, trayvon martin. Not being punished for former bad behave.

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