Wednesday, November 18, 2015


"A century ago, Irish immigrants were ashamed of their co-ethnics bad behavior so they worked hard to self-police and prove they belonged. Jews made a deliberate effort to get out of crime, sports and other low-class activities in order to prove their value to America. Muslims can’t bring themselves to condemn their coreligionists and instead blame Americans. Why would we invite this?

Baltimore City has topped 300 murders this year. It is a smallish city so that’s a big number. The cops are standing aside, letting the crooks run wild because the politicians refuse to back the cops against the crooks. What in the hell do they think will happen when they import 10,000 Syrian Muslims?

Islam is a fine religion that brings peace to millions of people around the world. It’s simply incompatible with western civilization. The people who practice Islam want things that are antithetical to western liberalism. Therefore, there can be no mixing of the two. The Mohammedan has to stay in one of the 50 countries that practice Islam and the western liberals must stay in the West. It is why we have separate countries."

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